Thank you for visiting my corner of the world! I am happy to have you.

Welcome to the Studio.

I create out of a corner tucked away in our backyard in Alberta, Canada.    
  You will usually find me starting and ending each day here. A space where I come to escape, to create, and to grow. I am blessed to experience the greeting of the rising sun in this space as it becomes flooded with natural light.
My husband and I built this studio from the ground up. I laid every single brick by hand. My husband carefully framed in each wall. And together we created something beautiful (although, not as beautiful as our daughter!). What was once a neglected area of our backyard has now become the most important space for me to be in. 

I have visions of this space overflowing with painted canvases, witnessing the curiosity of art students, and watching my own children hone their skills. 

If it wasn't for you, all of this would still just be a dream.